3form New York

3form New York

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Applied Finishes & Materials, Architectural Paneling, Interior & Exterior Doors, Wall Systems.
3form Panels & Lighting
Showroom Location
129 West 29th Street, New York, NY, 10001

Committed People: 3form employees are a passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable group ready to assist you with simple design specification, as well as the most complex custom design solutions. Our cross-functional team of trained architects, material engineers, and structural experts, familiar with the unique properties of 3form materials, will realize and expand your innovative vision.

Breakthrough Products: From materials that break the mold, hardware solutions that simplify installations, to one-stop solutions that provide instant design posibilities, 3form has created a breadth and depth of offerings that make the connection from inspiration to installation seamless and uniquely yours.

Better Planet: Exceeding industry expectations, 3form has distinctively aggressive goals for minimizing the impact of not only our products, but our processes. Our Path to Zero goals are a commitment to continually reducing our overall environmental footprint toward the ultimate goal of total sustainability.

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