Poly-Wood, LLC

Poly-Wood, LLC

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Aluminum & Stainless Outdoor Furniture, Barstools, Benches, Chaises, Coffee & Cocktail Tables, Dining & Side Chairs, Dining Tables, Ottomons, Outdoor, Outdoor Fabric, Pads & Cushions, Outdoor Tabletops, Outdoor Umbrellas, Side Tables.
Showroom Location
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Floor 15, Chicago, IL, 60654
773-615-6622 or 574-325-5931
Working hours
Monday - Friday 9 - 5 by appointment

Relax in durable, eco-friendly outdoor furnishings manufactured by Poly-Wood, Inc. Constructed of all-weather HDPE lumber made mostly from recycled plastics, POLYWOOD® furniture is built to last.


What happens to all the milk jugs that have been recycled throughout the years? In 1990, in a garage in Northern Indiana, an innovative idea was taking shape. High school friends noted the high performance characteristics of plastic and its use in outdoor applications. Doug Rassi (President) and Mark Phillabaum (Sales), founders and owners of Poly-Wood, Inc., discovered they could extrude recycled milk jugs into plastic lumber. That lumber could then be used to design and build outdoor furniture with fundamental performance qualities.

Since 1990, Poly-Wood has been the leader in developing casual outdoor furniture with plastic lumber. Today Poly-Wood occupies over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Our plastic lumber extrusion process is modern and efficient. We utilize 3D design, CNC fabrication and lean manufacturing techniques. Poly-Wood now offers thousands of SKUs and ships a majority of its furniture within three days. Over the years our customers have rewarded us with increased sales because our products perform well over time and are a fantastic value. We remain committed to using the most effective manufacturing techniques, eliminating waste and delivering what our customers expect. Poly-Wood’s commitment to quality allows for many relaxing seasons at the beach, in the yard, or on your patio. Sit back, relax and forget about it.


POLYWOOD® lumber is made from different proprietary blends of thermoformed plastics, UV-inhibited pigment systems, foaming compounds, and selected process additives. The raw materials are mostly derived from post-consumer bottle waste, such as milk and detergent bottles or other post-industrial material. This material is cleaned by a decontamination process to a high purity level, which removes contaminants such as food residue, paper and adhesives. It is then compounded into a rigid board stock material resulting in an eco-friendly and finished product ideally suited for outdoor furnishings.
Because POLYWOOD lumber is made with purified polymers, it is manufactured to exacting, reproducible specifications. Our proprietary blends have exceptional resistance to corrosive substances such as oil, salt spray and other environmental stresses. Products made with POLYWOOD lumber have excellent weathering resistance. Our lumber requires no waterproofing, painting, staining or similar maintenance when used in outdoor applications.


Our furniture contains eco-friendly components and will resist many of nature’s elements. Constructed from mostly recycled milk jug lumber and combined with marine-grade quality stainless steel hardware for a high performance product, POLYWOOD furniture is both long lasting and durable. You can be assured your new furniture will become a staple in your outdoor area and last for the next generation to enjoy.

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